La cantine participative

The cooking workshop

The associative canteen is culture on the plate, it is a project that takes advantage of the non-commercial values ​​of the association, allowing culinary creation to be developed with real commitments.
The idea is first of all a kitchen open to all to train in cooking and train others in recipes that we know.

Thus with participating volunteers, apprentices or not, members are offered a healthy and balanced diet every noon during the week.

Particular attention is paid to the local origin of the products, to long-term relationships with producers. It is the choice to work with producers developing an agriculture respectful of the environment and in this way to use quality products.

It means offering a single menu, at an affordable price to invite all members to come and eat, without exclusion linked to finances. But it is also a concrete way of showing that eating well is not a privilege, that it is possible to eat well without spending more.

The recipes are accessible and available to whoever wants.

The emphasis is on meeting people, large tables invite people not to eat alone. 

The minimum service and the price range (cost price, average price, support price of your choice) makes everyone a participant and responsible in relation to the price they pay.

A small library provides users with cookbooks, books on ecology and each month a new exhibition is to be discovered.

During the week the kitchen is open to a culinary proposal, it’s up to you to make the menu, everyone can come and suggest a recipe. Groups are formed every day, residents of the neighborhood, members curious to participate, cooking enthusiasts, apprentice cooks, groups linked to a social structure. This group chooses the menu and cooks with the help of an association leader. At the same time, people learn ecological practices, the use of seasonal products. The kitchen is open to all new participants ready to learn and share their taste for cooking.

– Apply for membership, compulsory and free of charge.
– Go to the counter to discover the culinary proposals of the day and order.
– Come back to collect your orders and cutlery.
– Settle in and enjoy!
– Choose one of the prices from the Fork
– Coffee is free.

Enjoy your lunch !

_La Cantine is also ideas every day of the week: every day a type of cuisine. Monday vegan and gluten-free cuisine, Tuesday vegetarian meal, Wednesday organic meat meal, Thursday fresh homemade pasta, Friday fresh fish from the Old Port market.

-The Cantine is also open in the evening, from Thursday to Saturday.